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Mathematisches Seminar | Prof. Dr. W. Bergweiler










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My main research area is complex analysis. One topic I am particularly interested in is complex dynamics. This is concerned with the behavior of complex-valued functions under iteration. For example, one studies for which starting values the sequence of iterates converges, whether it has convergent subsequences, etc. The dependence on parameters other than the starting value is also of interest. The corresponding subsets of the complex plane are usually very complicated - and they are appealing also to the non-mathematician. Some of these pictures are collected in a gallery. But the mathematics behind them is much more beautiful than the pictures!

Other topics in complex analysis where I am interested in are the theory of entire and meromorphic functions, differential and functional equations in the complex domain, quasiregular maps in higher dimension and normal families.

A good, but of course rather technical impression of my research interests is given by my list of publications.

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