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Aspects of Transcendental Dynamics

Jacobs University Bremen

June 16 - 20, 2008

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From Monday, June 16, to Friday, June 20, there will be a conference on "Aspects of Transcendental Dynamics" at Jacobs University Bremen, organized by Dierk Schleicher and Walter Bergweiler. The theme of the conference will be complex dynamics. There will be particular emphasis on the dynamics of transcendental entire and meromorphic functions, but other aspects of complex dynamics are also considered. Topics from the general theory entire and meromorphic functions which relate to complex dynamics are also part of the workshop.

Bremen is located in Northern Germany, about 100 kilometers (one hour by train) south west of Hamburg (and about 200 kilometers from Kiel). There is an airport in Bremen (43 minutes to Jacobs University). Other airports are Hamburg (2 hours, 16 minutes), Hannover (2 hours, 25 minutes) and Frankfurt (4 hours, 50 minutes). The above travel times are via the main station in Bremen; travel times to there are about 30 minutes less. Information about how to get to Bremen and to Jacobs University can be found here. (Train connections can be found on the website of Deutsche Bahn. The station for Jacobs University is Bremen-Schonebeck.) More information on Bremen can be found on the websites of the Bremen tourism office and of the city of Bremen.

The conference is sponsored by the EU Research Training Network Cody and the European Science Foundation Research Networking Programme HCAA. The Cody network will cover the local expenses of those participants from the network who give a talk or present a poster. We are working on obtaining support for other participants. (Unfortunately, support from these programmes for participants from outside the EU will be very limited.)

Accomodation on campus will be available, at about 60 Euro per night (including meals).

Registration and reservation of accomodation can be done here.

Note that in the week after the conference, from June 22 to 29, 2008, there will be a Summer School "Towards Higher Dimension" in Göttingen, organised by Manfred Denker and Hartje Kriete. Göttingen is about 2 hours away from Bremen by train. Other conferences are the Congress in memory of Adrien Douady (Paris, May 26-30) and the International conference on dynamical systems on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Michal Misiurewicz (Bedlewo, June 30 - July 5). Our conference is a satellite conference to the Fifth European Mathematical Congress (Amsterdam, July 14-18).
CAU Please send any questions concerning this conference to dynamicsO8 (at) (This address is not clickable, to minimize the amount of spam we receive. You should type the address in your e-mail program.) Jacobs University